Wednesday, December 16, 2015

S'more laughs, s'more hugs, s'more fun!

Who says s'mores are a campfire treat you can enjoy only in the Summer? Why not bring them indoors to have them year-round? For our annual ugly sweater party last weekend, I put together a s'more's bar to bring some warmth and fire to the table and some yummy marshmallow goodness to all our bellies. It was the perfect warm snack for a cold winter night, and especially festive with the twinkle lights to accompany--yes I am a sucker for twinkle lights. It also provided a great excuse to use a few of my dozen or so cake stands :)

What you will need:

1 wooden planter (roughly 2 feet x 6 inches x 6 inches)
25 lb river rocks ( I used about half of a 50lb bag they sell at home depot for less than $5)
4 chafing fuel cans

Assorted Marshmallows
Graham Crackers
Assorted Chocolates


Fill the planter up halfway with rocks. Place 4 chafing fuel cans evenly spaced inside the planter on top of the rocks. Next, add rocks to the planter around the fuel cans as seen in the picture below. It's as easy as that! Note, if you plan on using the s'mores bar soon, I would suggest loosening the top of the fuel cans just a tad before putting them in the rock bath since once they're in, it's somewhat difficult to open the cans and it would be a pain to have to take them out and do it all over. 

Now lay out out your graham crackers and chocolate and roast a marshmallow! Check out s'more recipe ideas at the bottom. 

Okay, I'll admit, it can be the tiniest bit of a fire hazard, so make sure you supervise your kids if they are participating (and maybe have a fire extinguisher nearby). The s'mores bar was a hit at our party, nobody was injured, and my furniture stayed intact--an overall success in my book. Definitely worth getting out for the next party...and the next...and the next...
Neapolitan s'more 

Graham crackers: Honey, cinnamon, chocolate. Chocolate: Milk, Cookie's and Cream, Reese's and Andes Mints

Peanut butter s'more
Oreo truffles my friend made - aren't they cute!
 Check out my recipe for these ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies. 
Adorable Pecan Pie Bites made by one of my friends. 

S'more recipe ideas:

The Classic
Honey graham crackers, milk chocolate, marshmallow

Chocolate graham crackers, andes mints, marshmallow

Chocolate graham crackers, cookies and cream chocolate, strawberry marshmallow

Peanut Butter Surprise
Honey graham crackers, Reese's peanut butter cup, marshmallow

Gingerbread Man
Cinnamon graham crackers, milk chocolate, gingerbread marshmallow

Strawberries and Cream
Honey graham crackers, cookies and cream chocolate, strawberry marshmallow

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